Inspiring action, shifting mindsets, bridging gaps for the green transition.

The Climate Fresk

Unlock the secrets of climate change with your team!
Engage in a collaborative and fun workshop using the award-winning Climate Fresk. Learn the science behind climate change, discuss actionable solutions, and motivate your team to create a sustainable future.

The Biodiversity Collage

Discover the wonders of biodiversity and its critical role in our future.
Dive into this interactive workshop to understand the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss. Explore creative solutions and inspire your team to take action to protect and restore nature.


Ready to tackle the decarbonization challenge, together?
2tonnes, an interactive workshop with over 100,000 participants worldwide, utilizes science-based cards, visualization tools, and collective intelligence to foster understanding, spark creative solutions, and empower your team.

The Plastic Collage

Unmask the hidden world of plastic pollution.
The Plastic Collage is a collaborative workshop designed to raise awareness about the plastic crisis and empower participants to take action. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the plastic lifecycle, its environmental impact, and potential solutions.

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